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At Barcello & Son Septic Service, we pride ourselves on a strict, detailed septic tank pumping service process that allows us to help our customers save substantial money and headaches over the lifetime of their homeownership.

Check out our unique, proprietary 12 step checklist for pump service excellence. Make sure any service you're considering takes these important individual steps when servicing your septic system.

Pre-visit: Review System Diagrams

Receive from customer or visit town hall to retrieve "as-built" ( installation diagram ) and any information on your system if customer cannot provide it. Add digital copies to work order / field card.

Start Visit

Arrive on site, meet customer if present and explain work to be performed. Detailed explanations are a hallmark of our service. We want to make sure our customers are as informed as possible.

Site Preparation

Expose customer's tank at BOTH manholes on either end in order to clean entire tank properly. We take care to salvage your existing sod for replacement if possible.  All dirt we dig up is laid on a tarp for a clean and neat job.

Situation Analysis

We measure the scum layer of your tank ( soap, detergent, grease, etc) to assess a customer's usage of foreign matter that shouldn't be in the system. Then we measure the air gap in your tank to ensure proper flow to your field(s) and identify any potential blockage or hydraulic overload / failures.

Tank Contents Preparation

We use a powerful Crustbuster (tm) brand tank agitator to break up excess solid and sludge and blend for efficient pumping.

Contents Pumping

We use our brand-new, high-powered pump vacuum and we pump the customer's entire tank, including all chambers, and rinse walls and floors of any remaining tank matter.

System Maintenance

We clean all system filter(s) as equipped, inspect the tank for cracks or leaks, inspect both inlet and outlet baffles. We may recommend replacements or upgrades for damaged or poorly performing parts.

Post-Pump Flow Test

If the customer is present, we ask the homeowner to flush several of their toilets in order to ensure no blockage and proper fluid flow throughout the entire system.

Pumping Completion

We end our pumping process by replacing and then covering the exposed tank lids with reserved soil and replace sod as possible. We will apply grass seed and hay if unable to salvage sod, preparing your yard for full recovery.

Post Pump Field Inspection

We believe in providing peace of mind to our customers. After the pumping job is complete, we then perform a visual site assessment where we, as experienced professional septic system installers, will walk area of fields looking for trouble signs or areas of concern or potential problems.

Septic System Information Updates

Post-pumping and field inspection, we will adjust and update “as built” septic system diagram if necessary by taking field measurements with laser tape measuring device, make notes on field card with any suggestions or comments and delivering to town hall if updated.


Any additional work recommendations will be made to customer for their consideration.  Field cards will be digitized and stored by us for future reference, and we supply copies of our finished report to the customer via email.

Septic System Maintenance Reminder Service

We will recommend and schedule repair or upgrade services. We will assess field conditions from our visit as well as reported customer usage and schedule the next pumping service window accordingly, with early reminder 30 days prior to next pump.

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